Falls Prevention

The Bedside Guardian – an Innovative Falls Prevention System

In 1996 the principal of Swift Electrical, Bruce Swift saw a vital need to improve the safety of vulnerable aged care residents when his own grandmother was admitted into an aged care facility.

Using his technological expertise Bruce Swift developed The Bedside Guardian, an innovative falls prevention system that maximises resident health, safety and dignity.

The Bedside Guardian is a revolutionary method of monitoring aged care residents who require extra support and assistance.

The system works by detecting movement when a resident attempts to get out of bed, or an unwanted visitor enters the room, and initiates a programmable sequence of functions, each of which is aimed at maximising resident safety. Functions can be programmed to include; nurse call systems and directional lighting, amongst others.

It is designed to minimise potential incidents, and is it easy for staff to operate. It also integrates with almost all existing resident-call systems.

How the Bedside Guardian Operates

The program and sensitivity levels are fully adjustable to suit the appropriate level of movement for each resident.  This will vary considerably between residents and it is why each installation is individually programmed and can be readily adjusted at any time.

The system is far removed from any typical movement sensor technology. The innovative system design ensures reliability, eliminates false alarms and can be totally integrated with other systems either existing or planned.

The fact that the Bedside Guardian is fully adjustable to each residents individual care requirements means that it will never be obsolete. Although the Bedside Guardian is a fixed feature in the room, it can be easily re-programmed by Swift Electrical staff to suit the changing needs of each resident.

The Many Benefits of the Bedside Guardian Monitoring System

  • Alerts staff to potential problems;
  • Minimizes injuries caused by falls, both from bed and in room;
  • Reduces night-time incontinence;
  • Improves resident comfort and confidence;
  • Reduces resident stress and assists staff with time management;
  • Saves financially by reducing facility operating costs;
  • Promotes an improved living environment;
  • Reassures resident’s families;
  • The system is completely unobtrusive within the room and is virtually ‘resident proof’;

The Bedside Guardian is part of the ‘Continuous Improvement Cycle’ for residents living in supported accommodation and plays an important role in enhancing the quality of life for aged care residents.