Lighting recommendations and installations

Proper lighting is essential to a happy and healthy environment. The quality, quantity and intensity of lighting all have a significant impact on creating an enjoyable, safe and productive space. Appropriate lighting can reduce fatigue, encourage concentration and improve awareness. It is also essential to a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.

There has also been a rise in the importance of energy efficient lighting with issues such as climate change and energy pricing becoming key areas of concern for households and businesses.

With recent technological advancements LED Lighting is also becoming an increasingly important lighting technology. As technology evolves, LED lighting options are decreasing in price per fitting while their efficiency and reliability is increasing. A huge range of new LED fittings are now available, including flat panel replacements for traditional fluorescent lighting installed in suspended ceilings.

At Swift Electrical we have a through understanding of lighting technology and we are aware of the varying concerns involved with installation and maintenance. We can talk you through all available options and identify the specific concerns that will impact on your organisation.

Call us today to arrange an assessment and full report of your facility/workplace lighting to ensure you have an optimal lighting environment installed.