Keeping Kids Safe – Common electrical hazards in schools and how to avoid them

Aesthetically pleasing accommodation that is conducive to a balanced study and recreational lifestyle is important. Ensuring that electrical safety within any level of school accommodation is never compromised is paramount.

Common electrical hazards in schools include: unsafe appliances, overloading of electrical circuits, improperly installed air conditioning/heating units and poorly maintained essential lighting systems. Luckily, with the assistance of properly qualified electricians, these hazards can be avoided and a safe learning environment achieved.

Identifying unsafe appliances is an important safety measure in any school environment. Appliance testing and tagging by a trained professional delivers assurance of the safe condition of electrical devices and leads to Australian Standard ASNZ 3760 being maintained. Getting this work performed by qualified electricians has the added bonus that any defects can also be rectified at the time of testing.

Another common problem is incorrect use of extension leads, double adapters and power boards, which can lead to overloading of electrical circuits. Overloading not only creates the inconvenience of tripping protective breakers, but it can also create a fire hazard. Regular load testing and digital testing of protected power points, circuits and distribution boards by professionals will ensure a safe environment is maintained.

While a godsend on chilly winter mornings and scorching summer days the addition of air conditioning and heating units/systems can also compromise electrical infrastructure. To prevent relief becoming a hazard it is essential to conduct an electrical assessment prior to major installations. This will protect electricity supply and minimise fire risk due to overloading.

If an emergency does occur it is essential that vital lighting systems are all working properly. Scheduled auditing of exit, emergency and external lighting systems to Australian Standard ASNZ 2293 will provide confidence in security and safety systems should they be needed.

Swift Electrical has a proud history of providing specialised electrical services in the Aged Care, Community Service and Education sectors. Not only can we perform all of the above mentioned services, we also provide the peace of mind that all testing is performed to Australian Standards by qualified electricians registered with Energy Safe Victoria. Compliance reporting is also provided following all electrical testing and auditing, and we give you the added assurance of a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

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